9-1-1 Dispatch

Contacting Dispatch

Should you ever have need to call the Law Enforcement Center, remain calm and speak clearly. The dispatcher will ask you for your name, address, phone number, and the nature of your call. Although you should keep your call brief, do not hang up until the dispatcher has taken all information necessary.

Dispatch Training & Duties

The dispatchers are trained at the Montana Law Enforcement Academy Public Safety Communicators Basic Course in Helena. They also complete the Criminal Justice Information Network and National Crime Information Center training and maintain their certification with frequent updates.

In addition to dispatching for the Richland County Sheriff's Office, Sidney Police Department, and Fairview Police Department, the dispatchers are in touch with the local Montana Highway Patrol officers and the game warden. They are also responsible for paging Disaster and Emergency Services, and the Sidney, Fairview, Savage, and Lambert ambulances and fire departments.

The communications staff is employed by the Richland County Sheriff's Office, with the cost being shared by the Sidney Police Department.