Weed District

Managing Noxious Weeds in Richland County

  • 7 FWP sites
  • 50 miles of Yellowstone River (both sides)
  • 70 miles of Missouri River (one side)
  • 240 miles of state highways
  • 1400 miles of county roads
  • 2,084 square miles


Private Spraying

  • $80 per hour, per crew
  • $39 - $49 per 100 gallon of chemical mix

Farmers Spraying

  • $10 per hour of cost share on labor and one-fourth cost share on Tordon and Milestone

Weed District Board Members

  • Don Iverson, Chair
  • Dale Edam
  • Johnnie Johnston
  • Dan Thornton
  • Mark Casterline


The following documents can be filled out then will need to be taken to the Richland County Weed District for review

The following form is for all mining operations and pipelines:

The following form is for all subdivisions, crew camps, Mobile Home/RV Parks: