Local Emergency Planning Committee

Finding Ways to Improve Community Safety

"To enhance the protection of the local community and the environment from all hazardous emergency incidents through planning, preparation, and communication between the committee, citizens, business, and government."

Richland County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) aims to join forces between Disaster and Emergency Services (DES) and other agencies for the benefit of those involved, the community, and the environment. LEPC coordinates emergency planning, preparedness, and public education related to hazardous chemicals and emergency-related incidents.

LEPC works to understand chemical hazards in the community, develop emergency plans in case of an accidental release, and look for ways to prevent chemical accidents. LEPCs are made up of emergency management agencies, responders, industry, and members of the public.

The public is invited to attend the monthly meeting every second Monday of each month (except in July and August). Please call 433-2220 for more information. You may also request more information by faxing 433-6952 or email us.