Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out RCTS's rules, ride information, etc.?

Most of your questions including our policies and procedures can be found in our Passenger Handbook; if you have questions that are not answered in the Handbook or on this site please call 433-RIDE (7433).

How do I report suspicious activity such as an unattended package?

In addition to our employees, you can do your part by reporting anything that looks suspicious or out of the ordinary. If you see a suspicious package or activity on board our buses don't keep it to yourself. Tell your bus driver or report it to 433-RIDE (7433).

Can children ride for free on RCTS?

Children under 5 years old can ride for free with a paid adult. Unaccompanied children and students (through grade 12) can ride for $1.00 per stop.

How old does my child have to be to ride on RCTS alone?

There is no set age that a child needs to be to ride alone however they must be capable of riding alone. Drivers are not permitted to leave their vehicles unattended to search for passengers. If your child is unable to watch for the bus and/or would not know what to do if they miss their bus, they may not be ready to ride on their own. If your child does miss their bus, the RCTS dispatcher will attempt to contact you and advise you that he/she did not get picked up.

What if my child needs a car seat?

If your child is required by law to ride in a car seat, you must supply your own seat. While shopping you may leave the seat on board the bus however RCTS will not assume responsibility for any damage or theft that may occur. RCTS does have some booster seats that may be available upon request.

Why are there audio and video cameras on the bus?

Some of our buses are equipped with audio and video surveillance. These help protect our passengers, drivers, and RCTS itself. Only the RCTS Coordinator views the tapes and everything in them is kept confidential. You can read our Video Surveillance Policy in the RCTS Documents section.

Are animals permitted on RCTS buses?

Service animals are always welcome aboard RCTS buses. Dogs, cats, rabbits, and other small animals are permitted but only if they are contained in a pet carrier or held by the passenger. The passenger will be held accountable for any mess or damage associated with the animal. RCTS reserves the right to refuse transport of an animal that has previously caused an issue onboard an RCTS vehicle.

If someone rides along to help me, will they have to pay?

If the person accompanying you is there strictly to help you, RCTS will gladly allow them to ride free of charge. If they are just another passenger going with you to go shopping, have lunch, etc, they will be charged the regular fare.

Why do you have two different rates for Sidney service?

In public transit, our goal is to get as many passengers as possible to their destinations on time. To do this, our route scheduling is extremely important. By scheduling in advance we are able to plan you into our route which lowers our cost of providing you a ride; therefore you are charged only $1 per stop. Reservations that are made after our route is already planned for the following day are charged a higher rate because a separate vehicle and driver will need to be sent for that passenger.

How long will I be on the bus when I schedule a ride?

The amount of time you spend on the bus will vary depending on our scheduled route and the number of people that need to be picked up. Generally you can expect to ride for 15 to 20 minutes; you will never be asked to ride more than 40 minutes.

When I schedule my ride, why can't you tell me right away what time you will pick me up?

To get as many people to their destinations as possible, we wait to plan our route until all reservations for the following day have come in (4 pm). We then schedule our routes by appointment times. If five people have 2 pm appointments, the time we pick you up will be much different than if you are the only person with an appointment at that time. You will receive a confirmation call after we plan our route informing you of what time you will be picked up.