Septic Systems

Septic Systems in Richland County

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Wastewater (Septic) Treatment

Our goal at the Richland County Health Department is to protect human health and the environment through proper treatment and disposal practices of septic waste in Richland County. The Environmental Health Office achieves this through education, individual permitting, inspections, licensing and a system for reporting and resolving problems.

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Important Requirements if you are installing a septic system:

  • A local septic permit is ALWAYS required before a system is installed.
  • Site evaluations must be performed by a Richland County Sanitarian or a Professional Engineer registered in the state of Montana.
  • An Inspection of septic installation projects is required unless otherwise authorized by a Richland County Sanitarian.

To obtain a septic permit, see if your home has a permit, or to get a copy of a permit, contact our office at 406-433-2207. Septic paperwork will not be processed on Fridays.

Helpful Homeowner Tips!

  • Septic permits are generally filed by the original owner's name of the house/lot that installed the septic. If there has been more than one owner of the house/lot, please have that information ready if you call the Environmental Health Office looking for an existing permit.
  • Visit to learn helpful do's and don'ts of having a septic system on your property.