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Get ready for a summer-long celebration of reading! Check back here for more details.  This year will be our second year for the new Sidney-Richland County READsquared app.  Check below for all the details.


This year, we are using an app called READsquared to track all progress through the Summer Reading Program. You can download the app or go online ( to create an account – you can even have all family members on the same account for ease of logging if you prefer! See our Facebook page for tutorials.

There are three age levels within the program. Pre-K (ages 0-4), Children (ages 5-12), and Teens & Adults (ages 13+). Each level has unique prizes, badges, missions, and special activities!

You will progress through the program by earning points. You will earn points for every minute of reading logged in READsquared. You can earn additional points by attending Virtual Storytime on our Facebook page, creating Take-and Make crafts, playing Virtual BINGO, participating in Virtual Trivia, as well as completing missions on READsquared. These points will earn you badges, and unlock games, as well as allow you to buy raffle tickets that enter you in drawings for grand prizes! If you can reach 1,000 points by the end of the program, July 31st, you will receive an awesome Completion Certificate to show off or display in your home!

Please contact the Library at 433-1917 if you have any questions, would like help registering for READsquared, or if you would prefer a paper log to track your progress.

Prize Guides:  In addition to enjoying lots of great books you also have the chance to win a prize!  Once you have logged in minutes in READSquared you'll have the chance to "purchase" raffle tickets with those points.  Check out the Prize Guide for your group to see what your interested in and then choose the associated prize number when choosing a prize to enter raffle tickets.

Ages 0 to 4 Prize Guide

Grades Kindergarten to 5th Grade

6th Grade and Older

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